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Since the advent of psychotherapy, the work we do together as therapist and client has always taken place against the backdrop of (and in the context of) whatever is going on in the larger worlds of our families, our circle of friends and acquaintances, our communities, our country, and our world.

Said another way, although psychotherapy is not about politics, it is unavoidably informed by politics.


Currently, what is happening in our country at the national level (which affects every other level) is deeply disturbing for many of us.

However we got here, it appears to me painfully obvious at this point that we are currently living in dark — and darkening — times, politically speaking.


If you’re not aware of this, not somehow feeling it, I doubt very much that I am the right therapist for you at this time.

For me, a fundamental axiom applies:


“Power without empathy necessarily leads to harm.”


There is a sign in my office that —  although it has been there for decades — has become increasingly relevant of late:


“It is no measure of health to be well-adjusted

to a profoundly sick society.”


Thus I see this as a time when we must not only seek healing for ourselves, but when we must also aim to shine whatever Light we have access to within ourselves "out" into the world around us as well.  [This is nothing new, by the way -- these two intentions have always been intertwined, if not mutually required of us as evolving human beings.] 


It's just that our currently dire collective circumstances, in my opinion, call for us to be especially concerned with contributing to our collective well-being -- and that contribution must include staying aware of and standing up to the looming political forces that many of us see as so antithetical to that well-being.]


So please know that I am consciously committed to making sure my work as a psychotherapist directly addresses this most profound and basic human need of ours to contribute what is most beautiful in us to the Greater Life around us -- and to actively challenge and repudiate whatever we see as threatening that Life.

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