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A Note About
Psychotherapy In The Age of COVID...


As you may have noticed,

"things are different now." 


At this time (fall 2022), I am conducting sessions both in person and virtually.

The advent of COVID-19 has pretty much required that psychotherapeutic encounters sometimes take place in the realm of remote digital communication -- at least for now.

Although I first assumed this would significantly weaken the power of the psychotherapeutic encounter in general, I have been happily surprised to discover that there are both disadvantages AND advantages to this medium of communication and connection.

Given a sane (i.e., safe) choice, I generally recommend that we meet in person. 


However, in some situations, my assessment of the downside risk of possible contagion renders meeting in person a dicey proposition, if not sometimes downright unethical, and in such cases I reserve the right to require that we meet virtually.

As you well know, this is an "evolving story."​

If you prefer to meet virtually (for whatever reason), we can utilize the platform of your choice (Skype, FaceTime, zoom -- or my HIPAA compliant web portal).  


(I will make some suggestions about how to maximize our sense of connectedness online with some simple adjustments.)

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