For most of us, psychotherapy is a rather expensive endeavor.  My regular fee is $200 per fifty minutes, payable in full at the time of service, unless we have made other specific arrangements. I accept checks, cash or credit cards in person (payments by credit card/PayPal can also be made by clicking the link at the bottom of this page).


Please note that under certain circumstances and for certain services, my fee may be higher.


Likewise, I also see a limited number of clients on a sliding fee schedule based on financial need.  If you are anticipating seeing me at a reduced fee, please be sure to negotiate this with me ahead of time.



If desired, I will provide you with a statement of all charges and payments to your account once a month, usually at our first session of each calendar month.  By the way, my fee for returned checks is $25 per occurrence.


Phone Contact 

I am available by phone in the event of crises or other unusual circumstances.  Occasional phone conversations of five minutes or less are free of charge; calls of longer duration are billed by the minute in accord with your usual fee.



Currently, I am working a four-day week, Monday through Thursday.

I take my first appointment at 8:00 AM (sometimes a bit earlier if critical to someone getting to work on time).


I take my last appointment each day at 5:30 PM.


(Please note that these earliest and latest appointments are in high demand, and may or may not be available for new clients.)


I do not work evenings or weekends.



I work strictly with a 24 hour cancellation policy.  If you give me 24 hours or more notice of a session you would like to cancel or reschedule, there is no charge to you whatsoever.  If you give me anything less than a full 24 hours advance notice, I charge you in full for the missed session.  Please note that insurance companies cannot be billed for missed sessions: the full fee for any missed session is your financial responsibility.



I consider the 50 minutes of your scheduled session to be your time -- you don't “owe” me an apology if you are late, and I will be available to you at whatever time you arrive before the scheduled end of your session.  I will not, however, extend sessions past their scheduled ending time except in rare circumstances. 


 ðŸ¦ ðŸ˜®ðŸ¤­ðŸ˜±

As you may have noticed, "things are different now."


The advent of COVID-19 has pretty much required that psychotherapeutic encounters take place in the realm of remote digital communication -- at least for now.


Although I first assumed this would significantly weaken the power of the psychotherapeutic encounter in general, I have been happily surprised to discover that there are both disadvantages AND advantages to this medium of communication and connection.


Given a sane choice, I would much prefer to meet in person.  However, for the time being, my assessment of the downside risk of possible infection renders meeting in person highly undesirable, if not downright unethical (for one thing, my wife and office partner has a compromised immune system, which makes it out of the question for me to risk becoming a carrier).


We can utilize the platform of your choice (Skype, FaceTime, zoom -- or my HIPAA compliant web portal).  


I will make some suggestions about how to maximize our sense of connectedness with some simple adjustments...




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