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What apparently prevents you from being completely at peace, this very moment?


What are your most cherished beliefs, i.e., the ones you steer your life by that you KNOW are true?


What is a moment that changed who you are and how you see the world – for better or worse – forever?


What is arising within your body in the form of sensations right now?


What are you most ashamed of?  How does that shame hinder your enjoyment of being alive?

What is something you know is true about your life or yourself — but you wish wasn’t true?


What is a moment in the recent past that touched your heart, or caused it to open?


When the voice in your head criticizes you, what does it typically say?  What are the THEMES it hounds you on?


What are you resisting this very moment?  What about this particular here and now is not completely okay with you?


If it were true that somehow you did not “deserve” to be happy and free, why might that be?


Imagine -- five years from now -- you are significantly more relaxed, more enlightened, more expanded, more at Peace.  What wisdom do you have to offer from your "future self" to your present day self about the process that will deliver you?


What are you afraid of?  What negative occurrences do you worry about happening in the future?


Where is there holding or contraction or constriction in your physical body right now?  What happens when you simply pay loving attention to it, simply notice it and let it be exactly as it is?


Conversely, what happens when you resist it, or otherwise try to “get rid of it”?


What do you perceive these days as “getting in the way” of the full expression of your Aliveness?


What emotions have been trying to move through you that you’ve been inclined to resist, judge, avoid or reject?


What are you trying NOT to pay attention to in your life?


What in your life is currently nourishing your Aliveness?  What activities or relationships are “giving” you back more Life Energy than they require of you?


Who do you despise?  Who is the person who annoys or irritates you the most?  What is it about them that gets to you?


What do you care passionately about in the world around you?


If you could change the world in one way, what would it be?  How might this apply to your self?


If we couldn’t talk about the past or the future, or some place other than HERE, what would we be talking about?


If you knew the power of your thoughts were going to be amplified a thousand times in ten minutes, in what direction would you steer your mind?


What is your recipe for happiness and fulfillment, whether you live by it or not?


How are you habitually inclined to avoid yourself, to distract your attention from your own feelings, from the sensations in your body?  (e.g., eating, drugs & alcohol, tv, video games, thinking, “getting busy”, contracting muscles in your body, etc.)


What does your mind tell you that you don’t have (or don’t have enough of), that when you do have it (or have enough of it), THEN you’ll be happy, be at peace, be fulfilled?

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